Apr 27, 2015lisatofts rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
In this beautiful work of literary fiction, Author Michael Christie creates a wonderful story about a woman and her son and how they manage her mental illness. The mother is afraid to go Outside, while the son is tired of being Inside. When the son does venture Outside, Christie stuns the reader with picturesque gems like: “Will moved now from the concrete into the grass, grotesquely alive beneath his feet – a carpet made of salad…” and “… he vanished into the ferocious-looking woods.” While the outdoors is completely mundane to many readers, the author brings these new sensations and emotions alive for our shut-in characters. Mysterious events and surprising conflicts keep the story moving in unexpected directions. Christie has remarkable imagination that captivates the reader. Christie brings the story to an end with a quiet explanation of what mental illness is really like: “People Outside say someone is ‘losing it’ when they get scared… like those people on TV stuck in a blowing tube, trying frantically to catch the money fluttering around them, except the bills were actually pieces of her.” Habitual literary fiction readers will find this book a delightful and refreshing read. -- Tofts Reviews