I remember when I first read this in school. Hearing the premise, I thought it would be another tale of people getting trapped on an island only in the end to be rescued, however that was not what I got. Lord of the Flies tells an eerily disturbing tale of how power can corrupt anyone. It is not a fairy tale filled with happiness and salvation, focusing more on destruction and taking a deeper look at how our societies function, which is exactly what William Golding intended. Despite how dark it is, the book gives nice breaks for our hearts with likable characters, even the more evil of the bunch. None of them are heroes, and none of them are villains either, it is a book filled with morally grey characters that come from different backgrounds and have their roles in the situation they've been placed in determined by those backgrounds. The book is quite short and you can finish it in under a day, but it's short size does not take away from the brilliance of the author. Lord of the Flies is a solid 4/5.
@CorporalKronos of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

William Goldings, Lord of the Flies [1954], depicts the experience of a group of young boys stranded on an island without the influence of adults. The boys are left to control their own destiny as they seek for a solution. My favorite part about this book was the symbolism used in it, the novel includes many objects obtaining a deeper meaning coinciding with the theme of civilization to savagery. The different objects represented a clear image of what was going on in the book and were a great use of metaphors and symbolism which I found very interesting. An example is the conch, over time the conch got broken into pieces overall symbolizing how the civilization broke apart. I also really enjoyed the different character developments throughout this novel, seeing how far each individual had come by the end of the book. I don't believe I would change much to this story because each detail was so precise and meaningful but if I had to I would probably make some characters survive a little longer just to see if the outcome would've been different. I definitely would recommend this to a friend because personally, the book was a huge eye-opener on how society works and how quickly without a social order a society can go from civilization to savagery. I believe this book was made to show the way society works and truly how humans are savages without rules and regulations. Overall Lord of the Flies is a great book, it shows the different aspects of society, amazing and interesting storyline, insightful symbolism and great character representation. 5/5 stars
@HungryHippo of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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