The first thing you should know about this film is that the "...young Afghan man" referred to in the "item details" on this page - is none other than Omar Sharif - the now 77 yr. old actor of Doctor Zhivago fame, You should also know that his young beautiful female co-star in the movie, Leigh Taylor-Young, is now 64; and his other co-star Jack Palance and the movie's director, John Frankenheimer, are both deceased.
So now you know: This version of "The Horsemen" (1971) has got nothing to do with the "Horesmen" - starring Dennis Quaid, the Feb. released 2009 crime-mystery drama that I thought I was renting out from OPL. Ironic, that - since OPL has gone out and purchased 3 copies of this, almost-4-decades-old Hollywood-hoot Frankenheimer feature, and marked it: "Newly Acquired Within the Past 30 Days" - while getting only 1 copy of the more popular modern-day film of the same name! (Can anyone shed any light on OPL DVD acquisition policy - because this senseless decision is more than just a singular anomaly... it happens a lot!)
The old Horsemen movie is a bit of a stinker - pitting supposedly today's era (a jet airliner flies by and automobiles abound) Afghan macho men against each other in archaic symbolic rituals of nobility and toughness on a horse that seem barbaric even in their current expression. All the while we are reminded that the movie is only 1971 "current" as far as Afghanistan is concerned. Even then, the Afghanis are shown almost as a backward people - mind-numbingly betting on fights to the death of both camels and horned goats, while living in a cast system with nobles, servants, and even "untouchables", the name given to a socially marginalized people who were so low on the Afghani totem-pole, they were literally not to be touched by other human beings.
OPL RENTING PATRONS BEWARE - To be taken out strictly by purists who want a reflection of the later works of one of Hollywood's great directors whose career spanned the golden years of television in the 50's and 60's, culminating in success on modern day big screen in the 60's and 70's.

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