The Collected Short Stories

The Collected Short Stories

Book - 1998 | 1st ed.
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Millions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer's shortstories. Now, for the first time, all three collections are gathered together inone handsome volume.

One of the most acclaimed authors writing today, JeffreyArcher is a dazzling storyteller. A master of character and suspense, he has agift for the unexpected plot twist that has catapulted all three of his shortstory collections--A Quiver Full of Arrows, A Twist in the Tales, and Twelve Red Herrings--onto international bestseller lists and earned himwidespread critical praise.

The stories from A Quiver Full of Arrowstake is on a tour of ancient heirlooms and modern romance, of cutthroat businessand kindly strangers, of lives lived in the realms of power. Fortunes are madeand squandered, honor betrayed and redeemed, love lost and rediscovered. AsPublishers Weekly said about this collection, "Somerset Maugham neverpenned anything so swift or urbanely witty as this."

The spellbinding storiesfrom A Twist in the Tale leads us on a journey of thwarted ambition,undying passion, and unanswered honor--to placers we've never visited and peoplewe'll never forget. Readers will meet an extraordinary cast of diversecharacters: a philandering husband who thinks he's committed a perfect murder, aself-assured chess champion who plays a beautiful woman for stakes far higherthan the secrets of a Swiss bank. The New York Times raved about ATwist in the Tale, "Jeffrey Archer plays a subtle cat-and-mouse game with thereader in twelve original stories that end, more often than not, with ourcollective whiskers twitching in surprise."

From his inventive thirdcollection, Twelve Red Herrings, comes a dozen delectable morsels inwhich human beings are given opportunities to seize, crucial problems to solve, ordangers to avoid. And buried in each is a red herring Archer challenged hisreaders to uncover. In these stories things are never quite what they seem: animprisoned man is certain that his supposed murder victim is very much alive, afemale driver is tailed relentlessly by a menacing leather-jacketed figure in a pursuing vehicle; a young artist gets the biggest break of her career, an escapedIraqi on Saddam Hussein's death list lands unexpectedly in his homeland. TheDaily News Express hailed Twelve Red Herrings as"Outstanding...White-knuckled suspense and witty denouncements."

Thesethirty-six tales are Jeffrey Archer at the peak of his form. Wonderfullyentertaining, The Collected Short Stories will astonish, delight, andenthrall Archer's many fans, both old and new.

Publisher: New York : HarperCollins, c1998.
Edition: 1st ed.
ISBN: 9780060192242
Characteristics: viii, 598 p.


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Sep 03, 2017

Some good stories:
- NEVER STOP ON THE MOTORWAY: Woman driver is chased by a van down the motorway, with the context backlit by recent rapes and murders. Fantastic twist. 5.00
- OLD LOVE: Two competitors, one boy, one girl compete against each other in everything including who loves the other more and are inseparable throughout life. 4.50
- SHOESHINE BOY: Mountbatten (sic) pays a visit to St. George's where a drastically underfunded Governor rolls out the red carpet. 4.50
- BROKEN ROUTINE: A man whose routine is unflappable is somewhat disturbed by a brash youth on the train who wants to read his paper and smoke his cigarettes. Nice twist. 4.50
- THE HUNGARIAN PROFESSOR: An Englishman visits Hungary for the Olympics and meets a Professor who knows all about England and wants to practice his English and talk about all the sites in London. 4.25
- THE STEAL: A tightly-budgeted couple takes a vacation and are forced to endure the overblown ramblings of an obnoxiously rich couple, up to and including the purchase of an oriental rug. 4.75
- CHRISTINA ROSENTHAL: A strange story of a Jewish marathon runner and the gentile woman he fell in love with, and the strange stories of their love over time. 4.25
- ONE-NIGHT STAND: Two male friends are inseparable until they meet a woman that impresses both of them, despite each being already married, and they both pursue her with reckless abandon, cutting each other off in each attempt until one finally succeeds. Neat feminist twist. 4.50
- A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE: An upright (and uptight) businessman tries to export his business values to Mexico when he tries to get a construction contract. 4.50
- TRIAL AND ERROR: More of a short novella than a short story, this is the tale of a man convicted of murder who hires the straightest arrow at Scotland Yard to find the corpse which he thinks is still walking around very much alive, and that his wife was in on the frame. 4.50
- THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN: A publisher visits a club in NYC and grabs hold of a story of a backgammon championship from the 1930s and how a non-player apparently beat the world champion despite numerous setbacks that week. 4.50
- THE CHINESE STATUE: A man travels to China as a diplomat and is given a statue of some value by a peasant, and has to try and find a way to repay the debt. 4.50
- NOT THE REAL THING: A strange combination of foreign governments, an engineer who helps rebuild their basic services, a woman with two suitors who marries the engineer, and the desire of the engineer to show up his now important former rival (despite the fact that the engineer won the girl). All in all, a story worthy of medals <g> (a subplot of the story). 4.50
- ONE MAN'S MEAT...: A story told in two parts. The first part is the intro -- a man sees a beautiful woman entering a theatre, and finagles a seat next to her. Then, he asks her to dinner and the story diverges into four possible endings.
---- RARE: Everthing goes perfectly, all too well in fact, and the ending is a depressing twist. 4.00
---- BURNT: The woman's husband turns up, so the night is a bust and goes downhill from there. 4.25
---- OVERDONE: Everything goes horrible between the two, and the woman is basically a shrew and the meal feels like a battlescene. 4.00
---- À POINT: An amazing combination of optimism and lightheartedness that outshines the other three endings by far. 5.00

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