Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Blu-ray Disc - 2019 | Multi-screen edition.
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Video-game bad guy Ralph and best friend Vanellope von Schweetz leave the comforts of Litwak's arcade in an attempt to save her game, Sugar Rush. Their quest takes them to the vast, uncharted world of the Internet, where they must rely on the citizens, or Netizens, to help navigate their way.
Publisher: Burbank, CA : Walt Disney Pictures, [2019]
Edition: Multi-screen edition.
Copyright Date: ©2019
Characteristics: 1 Blu-ray disc (112 minutes) : sound, colour ; 4 3/4 inches.
digital,optical,surround,DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, 2.0 DVS ; , Dolby digital 5.1
video file,Blu-ray video,region A


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ArapahoeTina Oct 26, 2019

I was totally impressed by this sequel, which aptly took on many of the issues facing kids and adults today. Best take away from this movie: never read the comments!

Sep 10, 2019

it's ok, but covered with Brands and reads as a huge ads for internet companies.

VaughanPLDonnalee Sep 07, 2019

If you liked the first movie, "Wreck-It Ralph" you will probably also like this sequel. The animation is pretty generic and nothing special. I found Sarah Silverman's voice harsh and grating and kind of unpleasant to listen to, so that made it more difficult to get invested in this movie. I was kind of bored for the first half, but the scenes with the Disney princesses were very entertaining and funny. The movie kept building towards an entertaining finale and I ended up liking it much better than I thought I would. The were some funny bits scattered throughout and the story actually had some good messages about friendship and social media. It wasn't a masterpiece, but it was entertaining enough.

Aug 19, 2019

Ah the internet. You go ahead and break it Ralph! I like the subtle sarcasm regarding the internet that is buried throughout the story and the inherent stupidity associated with it. Well done, and cute too!

Jul 27, 2019

It was actually decent all the way up until Ralph wrecked the Internet. Everything after that was cringey and not worth your time. Even the bad stuff aside, the first one was still a lot better. I loved all the racing scenes.

I watched this movie in theathers it is very good i just noticed she is eating a hamburger Vanellope we borrowed this DVD from the library and we were eating a hamburger last week on Tuesday we watched the first one before the 2nd one we seen it in theatres i think they laughed he's a baby smooth everywhere else people laughed that she burped after drinking root beer and they laughed how they perped ithink we laughed a little when we heard torn i was thinking of the tron movie cause it looks like it from looking at i see it from library and on T.v i said 27 years i am 27 years old and they showed some parts of the frist movie i heard its a blood persher magazine kids love those thng people laughed Wifi my brother said raph could't pronounce and sonic said its pronounced wi-fiand he said thats what i said and a man said should say is diefie when she said its no nolls what it 's a fancy way to we don't have to argue about it were arguing they laughed in theathers i think peopl laughed she cryed cause venelape beated her frist people laghed he said there homeless the donut police and they are hugging themslefs people laughed that ralph said they can make an igloo out of pillows pigloo pigloo he ask her fort or pigloo they laughed that he got hit a girl says hey mom why does your lam t.v has only 1 channel because its a picture frame when he said there you he thought it was venallpe but it was felx junoir that remines me of beauty and the beast calm now the girls has lost her freedom and her father all in one day people laughed that felt is a father of 15 kids isn't that just great and drink so fast and a man said wraph was to day for his drink he said flex will day for him and for everyone and they were all happy hey he said nodubts i have 2 cds 1 nodubts 2 tragic kingdom and he was naming some sheatrch itams by wraphs saying somethig then he growed looks like noones bt humpty dumpy together again i'm pritty sure trying to guess what are you gonna say they laughed wow guess we will know if we ever need a pair of here to go goggles but it says googe they all laughed the tortilla chip shaped like international superstar beyonce knowles i said ihaves some cds by her dangersiy in love B- day i am sasgha fierce they said 27 i am 27 years old i think they laughed sad to the bearfoot hobo in the brocken overralls hey thats me Wenseday tomorrow is wenesday i said in theathers people laughed he said 7 a credied card number 11 how exactly do you intend to pay for this i am sure you ow 27 001 what dollers like money and she was naming ways to pay and rapf said that he left his walet at home lying casuse they got scared and the doors locked then said said if they won't buy withing 24 hours he will lose them itam and when he punched the sign i said its gonna hit the girl said and my brother said well yeah it did and she was happy walking when he asked a lady wonna get rick playing video games and tells her to click and a man aparts and pushes him tells him to backoff and says to her right this way tofallow him popup blockers he said i laughed at him stumping on a bag people laughed that he was making his hand longer but Rarph the comercial on TV i said as he called him back he was he hide them then they turned and got scared when he got mad a boy said that he has to start all over and a boy said dang now we gotta start all over when she asked i think sorry who did you say you wre again an i'm larry you said lery took the car it remines me of spongebob i said in theathers it remines me of veggietal too i sai it remines of cars disney cars when rapfh said showoff it remines me of pocahontas he asked who are they subpose to see her name is yes she said i said yes and she calls him a hobo too and he said he has a lot of hearts people laughed she touched his face said hes a big baby

Jul 21, 2019

the first one is way better

LoganLib_Aavishka Jun 25, 2019

I loved the different aspects of this movie! I loved how social media was integrated and how it went a step further by bringing different social media apps to life. I really liked the morals of the movie, the way it shows the importance of friendship and the fact that friendship does not mean being attached to each other each and every day. I also loved how it showed that both wanting to change and wanting to stay in your lifestyle is acceptable, and how through both ways you are still able to step out of your bubble and try something new, something different. I loved how this was shown through Ralph and Vanellope. Overall, this is a lovely family movie with valuable life lessons in it and a lot of fun.

JCLHeatherC Jun 07, 2019

Cute. But it throws the plot line of the whole first movie out the window and it kind of makes you scratch your head instead of just enjoying the movie.

Jun 01, 2019

not suitable for younger children,
relentless product placement and sensory overload negates the occasional fun parts, e.g. disney princesses and a fine cast (gal! taraji!) despite the neon colors and objects endlessly whizzing around, the animation wasn't... enthralling. does it transport you to a different place? I felt firmly rooted in front of my screen.

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Monica_Diana_Czekirda thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

Jun 26, 2019

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TheUltimateReviewer thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

Feb 13, 2019

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Feb 05, 2019

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Jan 14, 2019

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Other: Contains liberal immoral views pointed to little children, especially girls. Beware.

Sexual Content: Contains suggestive material.


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people laughed that a frog kissed raph i think my brother did i did because people did we laughed when raph made his dress rip open showing his stumich people laughed how raph was waving to her and then waving with two hands from far away i think it was Anna and Elsa but it wasn't it was just some gorls 1 i know is felex 's girlfriend and he was passing the pie witch i was thinking of eating too and i'm gonna when the pets finished eating pancakes venelapee brought more and the bunny looked shocked and raph helped by giving the bunny more pancakes they laughed how the bunny look one lady said that poor bunny and venlepee said he should feed the kitty for a whlie no the kitty gets the milkshake the bunny gets the pancake and by one last one he ate he poped and the girl screamed in the car got scared and scared her mother in the car in theathers everyone laughed i didn't notied princesses untill now cause they are diffrent colors untill barrowing now the dvd.

Mar 16, 2019

"When I mean break the internet that doesn't mean you litteraly have to go break the internet"-yesss


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my brother laughed at the screaming gaot i hear Danny Ferndes but thats a man singer i said i didn't know they are gonna be there raph and his friend venellape just talking on the news on stage i didnt know it was subpose to be a disney castle untill they showed it and they put the song on Let It Go by Demi Lovoto and i seen a lot of disney caretors Dumbo Kritmit stars wars some disney films buzz cars and my brother had a disney cars shirt on disney tsum sum and all the disney princesses and frozen when venelap said disney princess and cartoon carators lamb and beside her was eeyore a girl was chooseing a disney princess from her computer labtop and her disney princess is Snow White he said Descendancts i watched the frist and 2ed one i am groat remines me of mriss doubt fire i am job i said what stars wars i saw iron man r2d2 nick wilde from zootopia grumpy peter pan and tinkerbell and hei hei's shawdow from Moana a lady laughed how the disney princesses were about to attack venellape they laughed then snow white asked were you posion holding a poison apple and i said she still has an apple and as they asked all wearid questins she said are you guys ok should i call the police police and ariel said a deal with a seawitch and she took her vose in exchange for human legs people laughed she asked have you ever had ture loves kiss no ew barf my brother laughed i did too Jasmine said i do you have daddy issues i don't even have a mom never do we they said the way ariel said it i never thought i like the song whats that word again street then she started to sing about her shirt they laughed she was singing about a steering wheel and meco jumped up making sounds she sang a christmas song too and i seen Tiana drinking capachino i thought that was weaird cause it has caffin i can drink it i drank it scine i was in gr. 5 i got a moana barbie doll and a mulan barbie in June i have an Cinderella that you can change her dress in one and a belle doll to 2 frozen dolls and 2 of them that sing and Kristoff and my brother laughed snow white said i like to stare at a wishing well Moana says she stars at the ocean mulan says horses throught cinderella says soup bubbles and venellape says if she stars at the imoptant water and somehow i magicly start singing abiut my dream and they noded and just when the door knocked the phone rang our phone rang people laughed at Marida how she was speaking in a diffrent laguige that noone underston venellape asked what did she say we doknow Tiana said Moana said we can't underrstand her she's from the other studio Anna said people laughed they didn't understand eater even we didn't they laughed at the bees were in the box and he go 30 .000. 27 and i 'm 27 years old and we went to starsbucks coofie i went with my class in 2011 for a work placement job too look arownd i got hot chocolate not everyone got coffee and she said the internet is not always good someone wroth about me miss spelling things on the website last year and i explained to her i have trouble spelling sometimes i told her to take it off she did but not right away i checked it was for a couple days i checked then i never looked but its gone now i saw the DVD in stores too.with them dancing remines me of Merry Poppins when Rafh was nervous looking at double dan in his little brother and he said the reson i came to the neck of a face i laughed i mean theres a face in your neck i mean what neck of the woods i heard a little tumber romor i said in theathers they look like zombies with so meny raph and there were more i didn't think there will be more

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