Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Book - 1998
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Feb 18, 2021

Way better that the movie.

Jan 25, 2021

very magical and delicious. yum,yum,yum

Dec 23, 2020

A globally recognized classic, Roald Dahl’s novel displays immense creativity in an easily understandable format. The book centers around Charlie, a boy from a poor family living near a huge chocolate factory. The factory is owned by Willy Wonka, an eccentric inventor whose passion lies in candy making, but has not made any recent public appearances. However, Willy Wonka provides a chance for five people around the world to tour his factory, in hopes of finding a suitable heir. By sheer luck, Charlie is selected as one of the five recruits, and faces the challenge of proving to Wonka his qualification to become the next manager of the chocolate factory. Though the novel appears to be overloaded with creative elements at first glance, the author maintains a steady connection between his seemingly bizarre ideas, producing a unique but easy to understand book. I would recommend this book to those seeking a light and fun read.
Age rating: 8 and up

Aug 31, 2020

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's a magical story that will stay with you forever. From the moment you start reading it feels like you jumped straight into a movie. Dahl's writing style is truly unique and one of a kind. The way he describes the endless amount of sweets mentioned in this book can make you think you're actually eating them and savoring each bite. Each chapter has it's own version of a sweet twist. In my opinion the best part of the book was when Violet Beauregarde snatched the piece of gum from the machine slot and greedily shoved it in her mouth. The way Violet described the flavours that buzzed and burst in her mouth was written in such a way you vividly imagine the meals sliding down your throat.

Aug 07, 2020

Willy Wonka is a legendary chocolate maker, the best of the best. He has sent out 5 special golden tickets which will grant access to his amazing chocolate factory to whoever finds them.

Charlie lives with his grandparents in a small cottage. His family is poor and unfortunate. But all that changes when Charlie finds a golden ticket.

This book is charming and magical. Roald Dahl has done an amazing job writing this book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a mystical yet funny story.

Jun 29, 2020

I really like reading children’s novels for the fact they can be silly and odd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory certainly fits that description. While this novel teaches a very important lesson about kindness its also a little heavy for young readers. By heavy I mean that when a character is punished for their bad behaviour they experience things most humans shouldn’t be able to. Of course this is just a children’s book and odd things are bound to happen, I just think the punishments are a little too much. Overall it was an interesting novel and a rememberable one so I definitely recommend it to everyone of all ages! 2/5 stars
@Celine of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Jun 02, 2020

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is a very interesting book. It’s about Charlie Bucket, who lives in poverty with his parents and four grandparents. One day he learns about the legends of Willy Wonka. Soon after, Wonka announces that five golden tickets have been placed in random Wonka bars. Whoever finds it will get to tour the factory. It is incredibly bizarre at some points as various parts of the factory can really be pure imagination. Some laughable areas, like the children receiving their punishments, are actually really horrific. Despite the silly nature of the story, it does teach valuable lessons to the reader. The story shows that people can be poor and still lead virtuous lives. Overall, it is a very good book. Would recommend it.

Nov 07, 2019

B 8 - 12Y : 810L : 192 pages

Jul 27, 2019

This book is my favorite book by Roald Dahl

MomoT Mar 21, 2019

There's a lot to love in this fantastical tale (though I do wish Dahl wasn't so keen on dismissing characters base on their looks). Watch young eyes grow wide imagining the delights and hazards of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Jul 19, 2018

When Willy Wonka decides to let five children into his chocolate factory, he decides to release five golden tickets in five separate chocolate bars, causing complete mayhem. The tickets start to be found, with the fifth going to a very special boy, called Charlie Bucket. With his Grandpa, Charlie joins the rest of the children to experience the most amazing factory ever. But not everything goes to plan within the factory. It was an amazing book and I feel every kid and teen should read it. It was funny, inspiring, and entertaining. I am sure most people have watched the movie but trust me the book was even better. I finished it in less than 5 days and told all of my friends to read it. I am actually very glad I read this book as it taught me so much. It has many good lessons hidden in it as well. The book was unexpected and always left me wondering what will happen in the next chapter, so I couldn’t put it down. I would totally recommend this book mostly to kids and teenagers (aged 11-17). I give this book a 4.7 out of 5 stars.
- @terrificbooklover of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Apr 12, 2018

Charlie is fun, amazing, and super-talented! Love him, and Willy Wonka!

Apr 12, 2017

The magic that we remember from being young is here, along with some pretty grown-up wit, and trenchant criticism of over-indulgence, selfishness, and media addictions... Worth coming back to. :)

Jan 26, 2017

so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 28, 2016

I wish I could go in the chocolate factory too! It would be so cool!

Sansha Jun 10, 2016

My school did Willie Wonka for our production this year. As I had never read the book, I thought it was the ideal time to read it.
A classic book.

vpl_childrens Dec 08, 2015

For ages 9-12. Charlie and four other kids win golden tickets to spend a day inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the largest in the world. Will they have fun or will it be a disaster?

Nov 23, 2015

Beautiful and enlightenment book, one of the best messages for humans in general.

Aug 01, 2015


Jul 12, 2015

Get ready for chocolate!

Feb 19, 2015

The most uplifting story ever! If you are feeling down grab the book and let the imagination go wild, sing with Oompa-Loompas and have a lovely piece of chocolate. If you do not like chocolate there are always candy or a chewing gum. And you do not have to be a child to enjoy the story!

RowanReviews Feb 14, 2015

Charlie and the Chocolate factory is a great children's book. I liked the drawings and the oompa-loompas. In fact I think it is so good that every book shelf in the world should have at least 3 Roald Dahl books, and every house in the world should have at least 12 wonka candies.
- Rowan's Reviews. (:

Jan 22, 2015

My Mum and Dad read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to me. It was my first chapter book. "Charlie got a golden ticket in the story...Charlie and Grampa and Mr Wonka were in the escalator, it had buttons and went left, ride, up or down, any way you could think of!" Ben, age 5, loved it!

Jun 30, 2014

this is a fun book!

Jun 11, 2014

I LOVE this book sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! it is super halarios!

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